My Favourite Excuses Not to Work out!

Hey there! You may not know this about me but before getting all gung-ho about fitness I was a professional excuse maker especially when it came to exercise and working out. I was so good at it that excuses became my daily mantra. Plus there are soooooo many to choose from, it’s so easy NOT to work out! Here is a list of my Top 10 best excuses NOT to work out:

  1. I don’t have time!

This one was my all time favourite! It’s easy to use and seems pretty credible. We are so busy! We work, we have kids (or not), plans with friends, trips, we have appointments, meetings, we have to eat, sleep, poop, breathe… So many things to do in one day! But have you ever noticed that no matter how busy you are, if you really want to do something you find the time to do it! One of my University design professor once told me if I dedicated as much time into my school assignment as I did shoe shopping, I would be an A+ student! (yes, it was a sexist remark, yet it was true in my case! The next year I switched fields (psychology), was passionate about the topic, spent my Saturday nights studying and ended up being a straight A student). Back to shoe shopping, I love shoe shopping and if someone called me right now to go shoe shopping I would probably drop everything and go. Bottom line, we all have the same 24 hours in our day. We have access to a plethora of workout apps, programs, and tools. There are 7 minute workouts, 10 minute workouts, 30 minute workouts,… It’s up to you to find something that you can stick into your schedule and that you enjoy doing.

  1. I hate changing into workout clothes

This excuse works very well if you have a lunchtime class or a class after work and you don’t have much time to change. Unfortunately, now that fitness fashion is making its way into our day to day closets, this excuse is becoming extinct (who cares about the whales, this one needs saving!). So the hell with the excuse and do what I do, wear your workout clothes as outfits (if your office policy allows it of course). Whenever I have yoga lunch class, my typical outfit consists of black Lululemon leggings (quality has got to be there if you are in an office setting), a long black classy tank and an oversized wrap or long open front sweater. When I first started working out in the morning, I used to do it in my pjs (or undies, shhhhhhh!) because I was too lazy to change. And if you are really desperate, why not sleep in your workout clothes! I knew a fitness instructor who used to do this and she said it would give her no excuse not to workout!

  1. There’s no point, it’s not as if it’s going to make a difference

I usually reserved this excuse for PMS days and was mostly said to myself. I didn’t believe in exercise, well more precisely I expected that if you exercised one day then you would see results by the next day or at least by the day after that. It took 40 years to learn that the benefits of exercise are 1) not typically visible physically the next day 2) positive changes are actually taking place the minute you start exercising, you just don’t see them but you can start feeling them: better sleep, better mood, better circulation, etc. And don’t get me started on the long term benefits!

  1. Let’s go have supper/a drink/insert anything more fun instead of working out

Ahhhh, my friends can attest to this one! I was the worst workout partner. You know when they say to buddy up in order to motivate eachother to work out. Well, whoever would buddy up with me used to end up worst off than when they started. I was the bad influence, the one who knew that even though you said you wanted to try that new yoga studio down the street you would really just rather go out somewhere and indulge in some amazing food and chat the night away; ‘cause that’s what I really wanted to do… mainly because I didn’t feel like changing into my workout clothes! If you have a friend like that, no matter how many times she tells you she wants to go to that class with you, DON’T BELIEVE HER! Unless she totally turns her mindset around fitness around, then you can totally text her ;p

  1. I need something or someone to motivate me

Working out alone is boring and you may do it for a while but sometimes we need to be held accountable and supported in our actions. With all the motivation/challenge groups out there you can get motivation at the drop of a hat! I regularly run challenge groups on Facebook and it’s amazing the motivation you get when you are surrounded by people going through the same struggles and going after the same goals as you.

  1. I hate getting all yucky and sweaty

This is a pathetic excuse given that we live in the 21st century and showers are actually an indoor thing and easily accessible at gyms, homes and even in some offices! Or just carry wipes or just workout from home! And for long hair issues, do what I do and get your hair braided once a week so it is out of the way during your workouts and no styling (or washing) needed for at least 3 days!


  1. I might injure myself

For someone like me, this was a real cause for concern. I used to avoid doing anything too strenuous, especially before a big presentation or business trip for fear that I may injure myself. This stems from the fact that I actually did injure myself either at the gym or when I would start running. Now that I am older and wiser (most of the time), 1) I avoid high impact sports 2) I pay more attention to technique 3) I modify certain moves and gradually challenge myself a little more each time. Trust me there is always a modified version that will get you the results you are looking for, no need to pretzel yourself silly! So far so good!

  1. I’m sorta healthy so I don’t really need to exercise

Sometimes people start exercising once they receive a warning from their doctors to do so. But for most of us, we don’t seem to have health issues or we haven’t gone to see a doctor in ages so we figure nothing is wrong with us. Hey, if I’m still breathing and walking, then I must be ok. You do NEED to exercise so that you can PREVENT those health issues. Think of exercise as an investment you make in your health. The more you exercise and move the more your body and mind benefits from it in the long run.

  1. I’m too tired

Before having kids, I was always tired. I was tired to the point that I was scared of having kids because of the energy it would require for me to skip nap times or crashing on the couch as soon as I got back home from work. Then I had kids and I was even more tired but realized that I could still do things despite the fact of being tired such as cooking a meal to feed my child, changing a smelly poopy diaper. I couldn’t even bear the thought of adding a workout to the list of things that made me so tired. But you know what the weird part is, the more you move, the more energy you get. That’s why you need to work out, duh! It’s amazing the energy you gain from just 15 minutes of rigorous exercise. Just try 10 minutes and build up slowly within a couple of weeks you will start seeing a difference.

  1. I don’t need to workout, running after my kids IS my workout!

I used this one with my coach, thinking it would get me off the hook from my 30 minute workout. Unfortunately it didn’t. Her response: That’s great Alex, that you ran around the park with your kids now go work out and text me later to let me know how it went! So I did, and you know what: it felt good! It was something I was doing for ME, without having to think about anyone else and it felt good. Yeah I know I said it twice but it’s worth repeating.

What’s the best excuse you’ve used not to work out? (I may need it one day 😉

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4 thoughts on “My Favourite Excuses Not to Work out!”

  1. I attest that you were always the bad influence on our workout dates 😉
    me: let’s try this free ballet workout
    you: I got a cute outfit too…but I feel tired
    me: we’ll do the class then catch up over dinner
    you: why don’t we just skip the class and have dinner now, I’m starving!
    Looking good Alex, so proud of you!

    my fave video when I don’t feel like working out, Nike’s “No excuses”

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