There is something magical about magical thinking

You know the saying “Think it and it will happen!” (or something around those lines)? Well, I truly believe it. Sounds naïve right? But think back to a time when you really, really, really, really wanted something with every fiber of your being. For me, there were many instances that proved this theory right: a job I really wanted, a trip, a pair of shoes (hihi!) but for the sake of this post (and because I almost didn’t think it was possible but still wanted it), a big one for me, was to marry my (spoiler alert) now husband. We had been dating for five years and coming from an Italian background, the need to marry this man was greater than anything I ever wanted. Problem was, he did not view marriage the same way therefore was happy simply living together forever without the “piece of paper”. I, on the other hand, envisioned our life together, united forever with a “piece of paper”, building a family together and going through the chaos of raising children together; and I wanted it badly. The topic was discussed, argued, scoffed at… I tried being nice, angry, there were tears,… and then when I didn’t think there was any hope… he caught me off guard and finally proposed.

Now I’m not saying that everything we want we will get without making any effort. I am talking about those dreams and hopes and wishes we truly believe in right to the core of who we are. The ones that we can envision and somehow know deep inside that it will happen even though we have no clue HOW it will happen. Don’t lose sight of those. Write them down if you need to but never let them get away or rationalize them away, because it is those very dreams and wishes that will guide your actions, and everything you do. Your energy will exude those dreams and whishes and one day they will get you to your goal. In fact, I would twist the saying around and scream “Think it and make it happen!”.

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Alexandra Fioriello

Wellness/happiness/motivation coach who also happens to be a senior marketing research consultant and mom to two amazing yet very assertive and demanding toddlers.

One thought on “There is something magical about magical thinking”

  1. Awwww..Unicorns Doooo exist! Haha.

    I too an ‘naïve’, and actually prefer it than not. That being, because it keeps you living an open live with some joy.

    And besides, you got what you wanted, yearning and thinking and believing and advocating!

    So, works.

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