What is Beachbody? Getting past the cheesy name…

Infomercials. Pyramid scheme. Oiled-up muscle men and women. Tight-abbed folks. These were the thoughts that crossed my mind before signing up. I learned about Beachbody through an old colleague who was posting her workouts on Facebook and whom I saw shed some serious post-pregnancy pounds. Not only did she look amazing and strong but she looked like someone who had her sh**t together. I had to know her secret, after months of procrastinating (and rolling my eyes at her workout posts), I finally got the nerve to contact her.

At first, I was a little overwhelmed by all their program options suited for all types of workouts and different levels. I was happy that my colleague (now my Beachbody coach) was able to guide me through the choices. I was surprised to find out that all their programs include a meal plan and nutrition guidelines and a workout calendar, it’s an all-inclusive type! (woohoo! It did all the thinking for me!) Plus the part I loved the most was that you get a personal coach assigned to you! I lucked out because my coach gave me the attention, motivation and tools I needed to get started (be careful, I heard not all coaches are that amazing, so you need to look out for that. However, you always have the option to switch coaches at any time if you aren’t happy with yours).

The first program I picked was 21 Day Fix because losing 10 pounds in 21 days seemed like a good challenge. Luckily, my coach was there to check up on me because the first couple of weeks were pathetic. I was trying to figure out when to work out with my busy life and meal planning took over my entire weekend. But through the challenge/motivation groups and talking with my coach, I got tips and cues on how to make my workouts fit in to my lifestyle and how to simplify meal prepping for the week. And within a couple of months, it became part of my life.

Since then I have gone on to complete eight of their programs including 21 day fix extreme, PiYo, 22 Minutes Hard Corps, P90x3, Country Heat, Core de Force, Hammer & Chisel and now T25 Focus. And there are so many more I can’t wait to try: Body Beast, I have my eye on you! I went from couch potato to waking up at 5am six days per week to get my workout in. The changes both physical and psychological cannot be described. My life has changed once I got over the cheesy name and has led me to become a Beachbody coach myself and share what I have learned and give back.

My transformation results from June ’16 to October ’16

Beware, Beachbody is not a magical solution but the ingredients and YOU are what make it work. Given my lazy background, I also modify a lot of the moves, I don’t jump and I have chocolate every single day! I found that short workouts, easy meal ideas along with the motivation and someone to keep you accountable were the key to a healthier life. It’s definitely worth a try!

If you are interested, contact me and you can join me in my March Challenge Group called “Getting your sh**t together for Summer!”

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