Do you have the mind of a two-year old?

Last weekend we bought a “big-girl” bed for my two-year old daughter. She was very excited of having her very own big-girl bed. She rolled around in it frantically once it was assembled. Nap time came around, my husband laid her down on her new bed. She resisted because she wanted to keep playing but my husband left her on the bed crying and he came downstairs. I was hearing her cry but I wasn’t hearing her run around. I figured he put her in her crib (which we didn’t disassemble in case she might want to return to it this week). When I asked my husband where he left her, he said he left her in her bed. It seemed that she still hadn’t figured out that she could climb out. So there she stayed, crying, until she fell asleep!

I thought that was incredible and how it relates a lot of our everyday actions as adults. When we are children, our infant, unconscious, brain is still in its primitive state to protect, shield, and react to new situations in a way that creates a safe and secure comfort zone. My daughter was so used to being confined in her crib that she didn’t even fathom the possibility of climbing down from her bed even though there were no bars holding her in.

I feel sometimes that is exactly what we do in our own lives. We are given a gazillion opportunities each day but sometimes our perception of the world, our mindset or what we believe to be “real”, limits us from grasping that opportunity. We are limited by our set beliefs when, in fact, the possibilities are endless if we can just climb out of our heads for a minute and see what is offered to us.

We are not victims of circumstances. Instead we must choose to make the most of our circumstances. The American author Dan Brown once said “Everything is possible, the impossible just takes a little longer”. Each one of us has the gift to go beyond what is in front of us and to move beyond what we know; take a leap of faith into the unknown. Go ahead and overcome obstacles you set out for yourself, there is a whole wonderful world to discover just waiting to happen.

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Alexandra Fioriello

Wellness/happiness/motivation coach who also happens to be a senior marketing research consultant and mom to two amazing yet very assertive and demanding toddlers.

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