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Hey you! Yes, you. The one running around juggling ten million things at once, the one trying to find some time to unwind when you have an endless to-do lists … Doing all that you are doing, you must have some time-saving hacks in your back pocket? Anything that helps you cut corners yet get the task done? Here are some of mine…

  • Stop washing your hair as often. I truly dislike washing my hair and styling it. I say this and I also refuse to cut my long hair. If you really wanna save time, cut it! If you’re stubborn like me and loooooove having long hair, then I learned to get it washed and braided professionally once a week. No need to go to a high end salon for this, you would be surprise at the prices. Usually my braids last me 4 to 5 days and I just put hair spray to upkeep and voilà! Dry shampoo is also a fav when I leave my hair loose, you can go on 3 days without washing with dry shampoo. Magic stuff!
Hair collage (1)
I found an amazing hair stylist named Natalia and she works in my office building!
  • Become a weekend chef! On Saturday, I start preparing a grocery list of what I will need for my meals in the coming week. On Sunday, I meal prep. It used to take all day… now I can get it done in 90 minutes (there will be another post on this I swear)! Usually I prepare a large batch of a recipe on Sunday (it lasts for supper that night and another meal during the week), then I make another batch of a second recipe that can be eaten twice). I buy salmon (that’s easily prepared) and no need to worry about cooking time during the week.
  • We used to throw out so much food and leftovers. I realized how many things you can actually freeze. After 2-3 days in the fridge, I will freeze any leftovers. When my bananas (or any type of berries) are starting to ripen, I freeze them and use them for my morning Shake. You can even freeze cheese!


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  • Don’t pick up after your kids. It is POINTLESS! Limit toys to one area of the house and only pick them up when you know guests are coming over. Just kidding, if they are old enough, get them to help. In my case, when they help, it seems worse. I learned to stop trying to keep pieces of puzzles in the same box or dressing up half naked dolls. Channel your inner Elsa and LET IT GO!

mom mess

  • Get someone to clean your house every 2 weeks. That being said, get someone else to pick up the mess (haha!). I was reluctant to do this at first. I insisted I could do it all. I finally gave in once I was pregnant with my second daughter and I must say that it is a blessing. I hired someone to clean and do all the things I don’t have time for as a full-time working mom. It is a good investment… until my daughters are old enough and get them to help… right now they are in training.

What are your time-saving hacks? I am always looking for more…

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