Part I: Rockin’ the Sweaty Selfie (or any Selfie for that Matter!)

I know that we are supposed to accept and love ourselves the way we are yet we live in an age of photo/selfie obsessed weirdos who constantly post obviously filtered/retouched pics of themselves (what? Me?  no way! ;P). Blame it on the Kardashians, but let’s face it, who doesn’t like seeing a good picture of themselves? Who, here, has ever been guilty of posting a group/family picture based on how good THEY looked, nevermind that your nephew was picking his nose, your better half’s eyes are half closed and he/she looks plastered or that your daughter’s head was chopped off the photo, the point was that YOU looked freakin’ amazing on that picture.

Why should only celebrities have all the good photoshopped pictures? Wanna know how to turn every picture to your advantage? Ok, I’ll let you in on my little secret…

When I post my early morning workout photos, people often ask me whether I apply my make up beforehand… The answer is a big ol’ NO. I might be vain but I’m not crazy (or just crazy enough to function). Not that it didn’t cross my mind, but I figured that with all the sweating (euh, I mean glowing) going on, I would have to reapply afterwards and that’s just a waste of time. Actually, it is much easier than that, I just use an app or rather appssssssss! There are actually 3 apps that I particularly like and here they are in order of importance:

Makeup PLusStep 1: MakeupPlus

This was the first app I found that instantly gives you a flawless complexion, rosy cheeks, and the greatest eyelashes. For a basic, lightly retouched selfie, I suggest to smooth out your complexion with the foundation feature (put the cursor less than half the way to the end for a more natural finish) and don’t forget that within the foundation feature there is a “beautify” option that will also smooth out your skin, add a little blush and extend your lashes (my favourite is the Climax style) and, ta-daaaaa, you are Kardashian-ready!

Just subtle changes can make a big difference. I used the foundation, mascara and eyebrows tools.

This feature also lets you change lipstick color (and choose a satin, matte or gloss finish and choose color intensity) same goes for the blush and eye shadow. You can also opt for the contouring option which makes you “glow”, you can retouch your eyebrows, apply eyeliner, have fun with disguises and even change your eye color! Who needs makeup, right?! Here are some examples from my own experimentation:

You can totally waste so much time having fun with this app! My many disguises.

MakeupStep 2: BeautyPlus

I use the BeautyPlus app as a companion to the MakeupPlus app. The BeautyPlus app is great for hiding blemishes, unwanted dark spots and dark circles for those mornings after pulling all-nighters (mommies, are you listening?)! It also allows you to whiten teeth, make your eyes bigger, narrow your nose, slim you out (face or other body parts) and make your eyes sparkly. Who doesn’t want that? Plus this app also has filters if you want to create a mood with your selfie and have some fun with it. Check out the examples below.

Used the teeth whitener, eye brightener, eye contacts, skin smoother and eyelash enhancer tools.

FT2Step 3: Facetune 2

The Facetune2 app is amazing for tuning up your features. Want bigger eyes, a slimmer nose, a smaller jaw? This app is the way to go. I use this app to finetune if I have some free time to spare. It also has many of the features from the other two apps but I find them less effective and don’t work as well. Facetune2 has an extended array of photo features such as changing the background, adding text to your pictures, using a filter (the selection is enormous), etc. See for yourself…

You can be subtle or go crazy with the apps. Top left: original pic; Top rignt: subtle retouch & filter, Bottom left: Background added; Bottom right: Added makeup!

Also, a few final tips, for a successful selfie make sure to limit shadows (those are hard to get rid of) and enough lighting or else the app features can look strange.

Now go ahead and post your fabulous selfie here!

(CAUTION FROM THE MALE SPECIES: Ultra retouched pictures should never be used on online dating profiles, as to not freak out potential suitor when you actually meet in person! :D)

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