How to Get and Stay Motivated: Fitness Accountability Tools

So you just started a workout program and you are totally motivated! Week 1 is going great. You feel excited, your body is adjusting, the moves are challenging but you are charged, your nutrition is on point. Easy peasy, right! Then week 2 strikes! Usually this was about when I started to lose my initial mojo. Why did I start this again? I really want a cookie. What no weight loss/abs/guns in a week?!? All of a sudden this workout program ain’t too exciting and I just feel like going back to my comfy couch.

Please avoid this trap! If you can get past these first few weeks, you are not only going to finish your workout program with great results inside and out but your workout will actually become part of your lifestyle.

Here are some tricks that can help you stay motivated…

Join a challenge group

Facebook is flooded with challenge or motivation fitness groups. Basically, the premise of these groups is to follow a predetermined program with a bunch of people following the same program (it’s more fun having a common goal than going at it alone). When I joined my first Beachbody challenge group, I was not one to post much on social media. In fact, when I first started out I was more of an observer in these groups than a participant. Either way, I found it motivating to see my timeline filled with people working out and reading about their struggles and successes. I felt part of a family and it made me feel like I wasn’t working out alone and it motivated me to challenge myself further. Another fun part is sharing the struggles and the successes but also tips and recipes and how to organize your time better and not to mention the bonds you build that last beyond the duration of the challenge group.



Another motivating tool is StepBet or DietBet. Basically, you bet on yourself. Each person puts an amount (usually 30$ US) into a pot. The app determines your step or weight goals for a given week. The program usually runs 6 weeks. At the end of the 6 weeks, if you reach your goals, you win the pot and it is divided with all remaining participants. Don’t get too excited, you are not going to win millions doing this, on average you get about 15$ to 20$ on top of the amount you put in. Nevertheless I find these games quite motivating, especially that it would suck to actually lose that money! There is also a community within each game so you can converse and share with other players.

Set a reward goal

At first, I set a goal to have the confidence to wear a bikini. Once I hit that goal, I told myself when I reached my goal weight I would buy myself an Apple iWatch. I had to earn that watch.  After that, I set a goal to become a coach and therefore be an example for others. Goals are meant to be fun and motivate us to challenge ourselves. It was something that kept me going and made me work a little harder each time. In order to stay liable, set a date to achieve your goal and tell someone so that they keep you accountable. My next goal, who knows, maybe a 5K or bikini competition!

Keep a log

In my experience, the best way that I managed to stay on the straight and narrow was by logging my food intake and physical activity. Technology has made the process so much easier. My favorite app is  hands-down My Fitness Pal. If you subscribe to it you can even sync your fitness watch to the app and it will take into account not only your calorie intake for the day but also how many calories you burned via exercise. It also provides useful tips on healthy eating and working out.

If you are more the traditional type, there are amazing fun planners out there for fitness such as fitbook and Me & My Big Ideas fitness planner. That way you can track your workouts and food intake so that you can adjust your workouts and meals accordingly.


A workout buddy

My last suggestion would be a workout buddy or someone that supports you in your health journey. It’s amazing how much more we can accomplish when we are being motivated and supported and cheered on to attain our goals. I’m always available if you need me to be your buddy, just contact me!


What accountability tools do you use to stay motivated?

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