What is a Beachbody Challenge Group Anyway? And why you need to join one…

As a motivation/fitness coach, my goal is to, first, get you in the right mindset to set goals and support you along the way so that you crush those goals. Your mind needs to be at the right place. Once it is, I will help your inner beauty and inner strength shine through and reflect outwards (a.k.a, finally lose those damn pounds! And get toned).


I must confess. I used to be anti-challenge groups! Yes, you read correctly. Heck, I didn’t want to join a bunch of strangers and post details about my private life and how bad I was at sticking to my workouts and following the “clean eating” principles! In fact, the first challenge groups I was invited to by my coach, I barely posted anything in them. I would just quietly observe others and read posts. Mind you, I found the posts interesting but, I don’t know, I was too shy I guess and didn’t quite understand them.

That’s why I decided to write this post! Challenge groups were and still are a game-changer for me, they are what keeps me motivated every morning to workout and challenge myself and better myself.

So what are Beachbody Challenge Groups?

In its most basic form, a Beachbody Challenge Group is an online group led by a coach (and co-host coaches sometimes) either via a Facebook private group or the My Challenge Tracker app. Each member of the group follows one of the many Beachbody programs and shares their experience with the group. Simple enough, right?

In reality, it is so much more! Challenge groups are a place where:

– your personal coach (and co-host coaches) provides useful information by posting tips on nutrition, meal planning, fitness tips, motivation tips, support, simple tasks that will help you and challenge you along the way;

-you meet like-minded people who understand and support you along the way;

– challengers can share their experience with others in terms of their struggles but also their successes;

accountability is set into action by posting your daily rating of how you did with your food intake, workout, and overall mood. Coaches or other challengers are there to offer support and any tips that have helped them through some obstacles (100% NO NEGATIVITY ZONE);

-the dynamic of the group motivates you to push yourself further and show up and crush your health/fitness goals

positivity reigns and you get a dose of “happy” to start your day.

If you have never participated in a Challenge group, it might have been what you’ve been missing after all!

If you are interested in joining a Challenge Group, there is one starting on Monday April 17th, 2017. What better reason to burn off that Easter chocolate (sssssssss)?

Click on the link below or contact me for more details.


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