Waking up at 5am… on purpose!

I love to sleep. No, I mean, I really love to sleep. I almost make an art out of it. I lay quiet in bed. Feel the covers on me, get all cozy and warm. Drift off into oblivion. Let go of everything. It’s truly blissful.

sleep and baby

However, after weeks of not being able to get my workout in before the end of my busy work day, my coach suggested I get it done first thing in the morning before leaving for work. I seriously thought she was crazyyyyyy! Not just crazy. CRAAAAAAAAAAZYYYYYYYYYY! Who gets up on purpose at 5am, and, get this, to work out of all things! Well… THIS GIRL!

I told myself I would do it for one week and if I didn’t like it I would NEVER do it again. I clearly remember that first morning. It was the second week of July. I snoozed only once. Got my butt out of bed relunctantly. I went down to my basement and pressed PLAY… reluctantly. At the time, I didn’t even bother changing into workout clothes. I stayed in my pjs (changing would require extra work!). In pyjamas and barefoot, I did my 30 minute workout and it felt DAMN good. Ok, well it didn’t feel that good, I was tired and wanted to go back to bed but instead I went to the kitchen to fix myself breakfast. And that’s where the “Miracle Morning” moment happened. It was quiet. No screaming toddlers. I didn’t have to tend to anyone’s needs but my own. I had time to pause. Reflect. Meditate. Write. Read articles I had saved to my phone weeks ago. Email friends. Start a blog ;P



Since then, I have been waking up at 5am on weekdays and rarely missed one. I would not trade my 5am mornings for anything. And, the fun part now, is that I’m not alone! Many friends, colleagues and Beachbody challengers have jumped on the 5am bandwagon and we have a group called the fabfit 5am-ers!..and we keep eachother accountable just by wishing eachother good morning before we press PLAY.

If you are crazy enough to join us, contact me through my Facebook page. You might actually like it!

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  1. I go through periods of time when I will naturally get up super early. I always like it when I do, but it is an ebb and flow kind of deal. Right now I’m in the ebb cycle … ha ha

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