Open your eyes: What do you see from your window?

“If you just open your eyes and your mind you will realize that amazing things, events and people surround us Every. Waking. Moment.”

I work in a downtown highrise. I am lucky to have an office with a window. I get to see the sunlight brighten my work space everyday. It isn’t a corner office. It isn’t a big office either, in fact I share my office with another colleague. Yet all this time, I never thought much of this office space. I always compared it to my past offices that were bigger and with better views of downtown Montreal or so i thought…

Fairmont Queen Elizabeth hotel

You see, what i neglected to say was that my office window faces the Fairmont Queen Elizabeth hotel and peers directly into the window where John Lennon and Yoko Ono held their bed-in for Peace in 1969. A moment that changed history forever. A time that was marked by change and people who fought for what they believed in. Strong souls that made history and the place where the ever historical and popular song “Give Peace a Chance” was born. A song heard many times over in different parts of the world and cultures, all voicing sounds of optimism for a better world.


One can say that the view from my office stares at a grey hotel building with a bunch of windows but that’s not the way I see it anymore. My view is one of hope and dreams. One that inspires me to be and give my best everyday as a human being. To live my life to its fullest because people that are no longer among us would trade places with my most dullest day any second.

There are wonders all around us if we choose to see them.

You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will live as one…

-John Lennon (Imagine)

Now, Imagine that 😉

I would love for you to tell me or post a picture below of your view today!

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Alexandra Fioriello

Wellness/happiness/motivation coach who also happens to be a senior marketing research consultant and mom to two amazing yet very assertive and demanding toddlers.

8 thoughts on “Open your eyes: What do you see from your window?”

  1. My view tonight is the view of my backyard, listening to the wind in my trees, listening to the pool and the water moved trying to take a deep breath while im watching my 2 beautiful babies sleeping (through the monitor lol)!

    This moment won’t last long since in probably 2 minutes my daughter will get out of her bed and i will have to bring her back in her room (she’s only 2 and a half).

    Love these nice warm summer nights…enjoy!

  2. My view is of my kitten, knocked out on the sofa. He passes out so easily, and in any kind of position, like on his back, paws in the air lol, which I believe is a sign that he is comfortable in his surroundings. He’s quite content–and to be honest, so am I! 🙂

    1. I know and many times before i would stare out my window wishing i had a view of skyscrapers landscape, then the other day it hit me how lucky i actually was! Perception is always the game changer and we choose how to see what is right before our eyes 👀

  3. I am working from today. I live in an apartment complex but view is actually beautiful. The sun is shining and the trees are moving slightly from the wind.

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