Believe it or not, for those who didn’t know me before my 40’s revolution, I wasn’t always into fitness. In fact, I actually shunned exercise and didn’t understand what all the fuss was about.

I mean, I knew it was good for you in a general sense but always imagined you had to be a professional athlete or someone who worked out for hours on end to reap the full benefits. Until last year, I didn’t realize that exercise not only helps you feel more energetic and stronger but it has tremendous impact on your perception of the world. Those endorphins hold a powerful punch!


Since last year, I had a lot of people come to me and tell me those same things I used to say to myself and how I used to perceive exercise and those who partook in such a “crazy” thing. Here’s a sneak peak interview into the workings of my old-self brain and the changes to my new self…

new me

OLD ME: Why do you post your workout on social media? People who post their workouts on social media are so full of themselves. Oh wow! You sweat, look at you all getting healthy. What are you trying to prove? Give me a break, eat a hamburger!

NEW ME: Although I can see how annoying it may seem, I do it because after years of rolling my eyes at an old colleague who used to post her fitness workouts online, I finally reached out to her to see what she was doing ‘cause she looked so darn good and happy. And her “annoying” posts actually got me to do something and start moving. So although I felt uncomfortable posting at first, and still feel a little self conscious from time to time, I tell myself, if I can motivate ONE single person to do something good for their health and themselves, then it’s all worth it! And imma gonna keep postin’ that sh*t! 😀

OLD ME: Oh no, have you been brainwashed by a pyramid scheme company and now want to sell me a bunch of health stuff I don’t need?

NEW ME: Nah. I got my hands full with a full-time job and two small kids at home. Ain’t got time to stalk you into scam. To tell you the truth, I became a Beachbody coach to stay accountable and by setting an example for others, I can’t just skip workouts or eat crap all the time. And now, it’s become a hobby. I love running challenge groups and seeing people motivated to workout and change their bad eating habits. Heck, whether you do a Beachbody workout or another type of workout, the important thing for me is to see people make some positive changes to their lives. I just picked Beachbody because everything is organized for you: your workout calendar, meal plans and your own coach. This works for me and for many but if this ain’t the right fit for you, I encourage you to find something that works. You will be happy you did.

OLD ME: I can’t do what you do, I have a full-time job, kids, bad knees, bad back, etc.?

NEW ME: Hellooooooo, so do I. I have realized that it’s really about finding a formula that works for you. I work full-time so I make sure to get my workout in first thing in the morning, before work, even if that means waking up at 5am before the kids. My right wrist is weak so I do my pushups on my knees, then again, my knees are weak too, so some moves I step them out instead of jumping. I go at my pace and listen to my body. As they say, if you really want something you find a way, or else you find excuses!

OLD ME: Those fitness programs don’t work, I tried them for a couple of weeks and I didn’t lose any weight and maybe even gained weight!

NEW ME: Beachbody programs, unlike other diet programs, aren’t quick fixes. Quick fixes DON’T WORK on the long term anyway. These programs are meant to fit into your lifestyle. You need to find your groove and see how you can fit 30 minutes of working out and cutting out crap from your diet and eat within your calorie range… it’s simple… not easy but simple. I lost 4 measly pounds the first month. Then 2 the month after that, then didn’t lose any weight for another 2 months, etc… but kept going and lost in my sixth month in. Weight loss is not consistent and life happens, we sometimes get sidetracked and that is fine but you stay consistent and you stick to it and that’s when you start seeing results on all levels.

healthy lifestyle

So if you see yourself in the old me, give me a shout, I’d love to see if I can help you out to reach a new You! What’s your excuse not to?

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