Why Hitting the Snooze Button can Kill

…your peak productivity.

OK, now that I have your attention, I want to let you in on an important fact that I recently learned about snoozing. Take it from an ex-professional snoozer like myself, I thought you might find it interesting to know that bypassing the alarm once, twice, three, fifty times may actually be detrimental to your health. Let me give you the deets…

I’m sure you already knew that getting a good night’s sleep works wonders on your productivity level but did you also know that how you wake up is equally important? Based on neurology studies, scientists have discovered that hitting the snooze button actually has a negative impact on brain function and productivity… and furthermore did you know that the effects can last up to four hours!!! Now, that might explain my blanking out at the last work status meeting (just kidding!… then again…)


Here’s how it works. We sleep in cycles, right? Usually each cycles runs 90 to 100 minutes to complete (kinda like charging our Smartphones). About two hours before you wake up, these sleep cycles end and your body starts to slowly prepare to wake up. When your alarm rings, your body is in wakeup mode, ready to go (even if your brain isn’t). If you hit the snooze button and drift back to sleep, you force your brain to start a new sleep 90 to 110 minute long sleep cycle. Then when the snooze alarm goes off 15 minutes later, the cortical region of your brain responsible for decision-making, alertness, attention, and self-control, is still in the sleep mode! It won’t be able to snap back awake so easily – it would – get this – take another 75 minutes to finish what that snooze button started.

Read more on the effects of snoozing

After that, it can take up to four hours for the grogginess, sleep fog feeling to subside and for your cognitive functions to return to their full capacity. Wowzer, right? So now, you’re probably thinking, sh*t how many years did I shave off my life by snoozing???!!! Don’t worry, there are ways to remedy this problem.

woman waking up happy

Here are some tips to avoid hitting the snooze button the first time the alarm goes off:

  1. DON’T TOUCH THE SNOOZE BUTTON. Get up. Not negotiable. It may take some practice but IT CAN BE DONE!
  2. GO TO BED EARLIER. If not getting enough sleep is the problem, set a bedtime for yourself. Or do what I would do when I did postpartum, go to bed when the kids go to bed. It might suck at first but you’ll feel so much better in the morning. The average adult needs between 7 and 9 hours of sleep per night, take that into account to set your bed time. Plus, your iPhone has a cool Bedtime feature in your Clock app that can help you stay on top of your bed time and set you up with a bed time alarm too!
  3. TURN OFF ALL SCREENS at least 1 hour before bed for a deep, restful sleep. That’s right, no more Netflix binge watching, or late-night social media trolling 😛 Read an actual paper book, magazine or get your meditation on always helps.
  4. PUT YOUR ALARM CLOCK ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE ROOM to avoid the temptation to hit the snooze button once the alarm goes off in the morning.
  5. HAVE KIDS*, trust me, either you won’t have a choice to get up to feed/hold/sing to them once they start crying (unfortunately they DON’T COME with a snooze button) or you will want to get up before them just to get some peace and quiet 😛

crying baby

How many times do you hit the snooze button before getting up?

(*Try option 5 only once all other options have been exhausted. Fabmindfitbody.com is not responsible for any births resulting from reading this post. ;P)

10 Healthy Snacks When Hunger Hits

Since we are always looking for great healthy snack ideas to keep our energy levels up and fend off the unhealthy munchies, I wanted to share with you a post from a very cool, fellow health blogger: Helene Choo (creator of HC Lifestyle Blog). Enjoy!

Hi! I’m Helene, creator of the HC Lifestyle Blog, where I write about travel, health/fitness, and food. All the glorious food. I’m a big snacker, always have been, but recently, I’ve been trying to eat healthier. It’s made a huge difference in my overall fitness levels! However, once in awhile, I still get this desire to snack, so I try to at least eat something healthy-ish instead of fatty, sugary things. Here’s my list of healthy(ish), guilt-free snacks.

Avocado Toast
avocadoThere’s nothing like the good ol’ avo. Admit it, it’s your favourite vegetable (is it even a vegetable??). Avocado toast is very versatile, you can pair it with just about anything: egg, smoked salmon, feta cheese,… The possibilities are endless. Just make sure you’re having wholegrain brown bread with it, and you’ll be a-ok.

Here are some ideas for avocado toast recipes!


 fruitI tend to grab a banana if I’m feeling really hungry, because it’s so filling and it takes no effort to prepare (unless you count peeling a banana as effort, in which case, you are LAZY). Again, there are so many yummy fruits out there. Also ideal if you’re craving something sweet. If you feel like just the fruit is too plain, pair it with some yoghurt. Which brings me to the next one.

Greek Yoghurt

 greek yogourtGet imaginative! As mentioned before, you can pair it with fruit, a coulis (that’s mashed up fruit), oats, muesli…I like to have it with some honey and banana to make it sweet and flavourful. Say it with me: mmmmmmh! The frozen variation is also great in the summer.


Need ideas for toppings? Here you go🙂


oatsI’m kind of in the process of deconstructing a smoothie bowl here, aren´t I! Oats can be made lots of different ways. For example, if you don’t feel in the mood for warm oatmeal, you can make overnight oats, which are just as yummy and filling, and make an excellent snack.

Find some overnight oat recipes right here.


smoothiesTechnically more of a drink than a food, but they can be really really filling if you put the right things in them. Again, let your imagination run wild! Any combination of a base (juice or dairy), fruit (as many different types as you want), cereal (or oats), and extra things (protein powder, almond butter, etc.) will give you a much-needed boost. And I promise, you won’t feel hungry after that.

Here’s the BBC Goodfood page for smoothie recipes for inspiration!



Nuts are a great source of healthy fats. Just try to get unsalted ones, so you don’t overdose on sodium. Find out which types you like, or just get a bag of mixed nuts.



Veggies and Hummus

veggiesI love doing this. Celery and carrots make excellent dipping veggies. The hummus gives it flavour, and some texture. You can do the same with guacamole (don’t quote me on that, that’s just my invention), or avocado hummus. Or any flavour hummus, for that matter. All the hummus. Yum.


Want to make different types of hummus? Check here!


 eggsWhy not make an omelette, hardboiled eggs, or poached eggs (goes really well with avocado toast)! Eggs are a good source of protein. I just have them with some herb salt, but you can season them any way you want, with tabasco, or by adding some cheese.

Here are some egg recipes for you to try, some simpler, some more complex.




Not the microwave kind. Get the kernels, and pop it yourself, so that you can control how much salt/sugar goes on there.



Dark chocolate

 dark chocolateI’m sure you know by now, but dark chocolate (> 60% cocoa)  is wayyyy healthier than its milk or white counterparts. It even has some health benefits. So, nothing wrong with breaking out the dark choc when you’re craving a little something sweet.


I hope you enjoyed this list of healthy snacks you can have when you get hungry throughout the day. Isn’t it great to know that there are alternatives to the usual crisps and chocolate bars that we’re conditioned to reach for?

If you have any questions or comments, please let me know! It would be great to see you all over at my blog or to connect with you on social media.

All the best,

 Helene xx

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